Syria Daily Report 29/11/2015

Yesterday’s casualties: 122 | 44 casualties by RuAF airstrikes in Arihah | 4 casualties caused by opposition shelling in Sheikh Maqsoud | SDF advance and take control of South Hasakah Dam

291115 @FraihAlanzi RuAF airstrikes on Ariha market caused 44 casualties today
Aftermath of RuAF airstrikes on a marketplace in Arihah. Image courtesy of @FraihAlanzi.

Idlib Governorate:

RuAF airstrikes conducted today on a marketplace in Arihah, 13 km south of Idlib, caused the death of 44.

Aleppo Governorate:

  1. Opposition shelling of Kurdish neighborhood Sheikh Maqsoud in northern Aleppo caused the death of 4.
  2. Jaysh al-Thuwar and SDF clash with islamist opposition and JAN forces in Maryamayn, 10 km southwest of A’zaz. Reports of opposition and JAN advances being made in the area. Kurdish forces managed to take 4 JAN and islamist opposition fighters captive.

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Syria Daily Report 28/11/2015

6 casualties by RuAF airstrikes on Binnish | Another opposition leader killed in Latakia Gov. battles | Kurdish Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood under islamist artillery fire | SDF, Jaysh al-Thuwar clash with islamist opposition in northern Aleppo Gov.

Idlib Governorate:

Binnish, a town 7 km northeast of Idlib, was hit by RuAF airstrikes. 6 casualties reported.

281115 @2Rook14 Ahmad al-Ali Abu Ayham killed in Latakia.jpg
Ahmad al-Ali Abu-Ayham, leader of Ahrar al-Jabal al-Wastani opposition faction, killed in Latakia. Image courtesy of @2Rook14.

Latakia Governorate:

Ahmad al-Ali Abu-Ayham, the leader of Ahrar al-Jabal al-Wastani Brigade, part of the 101st Division of the US-supported FSA, was killed in the fighting on Jabal al-Akrad, northeastern Latakia Governorate.Read More »

Syria Daily Report 27/11/2015

Opposition factions clash near al-Malikia | RuAF airstrikes continue against trucks on border with Turkey | Heavy fighting continues in Latakia

271115 @miladvisor RuAF airstrikes against trucks in northern Aleppo Gov
RuAF airstrikes against trucks on Turkey-Syria border. Image courtesy of @miladvisor.

Aleppo Governorate:

  1. Jaysh al-Thuwar, an opposition faction, are fighting against other opposition and JAN forces near al-Malikia, 38 km north of Aleppo. Reports of casualties on both sides.
  2. An SAA tank was hit by an opposition TOW near al-Humayrah, southeast Aleppo.
  3. Liwa Ahrar Souriya announce Kurdish-controlled Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood, northern Aleppo, as a battlefield and demand that civilians evacuate the area.
  4. RuAF airstrikes against trucks in northern Aleppo Governorate near border with Turkey continue.

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Syria Daily Report 26/11/2015

Yesterday’s casualties: 114 | Abd al-Salam Abd al-Razzaq al-Hindawi, involved in Lebanon suicide bombings, killed in Homs | 7 IS executions in Deir ez-Zor Governorate | Airstrikes on Raqqah kill 4, injure 16 | SAA advance towards al-Quaryatayn village, east of Mheen

261115 @MilitaryMediaSy Abd al-Salam Abd al-Razzaq al-Hindawi killed in Homs countryside.jpg
Abd al-Salam Abd al-Razzaq al-Hindawi (Abu Abdu) killed in Homs. Image courtesy of @MilitaryMediaSy.

Homs Governorate:

Abd al-Salam Abd al-Razzaq al-Hindawi (AKA Abu Abdu), the man responsible for transporting the Burj al-Barajne suicide bombers, was killed today by the SAA in Homs countryside.

Deir ez-Zor Governorate:

5 men were led yesterday by IS members into al-Rahba Castle, west of Mayadin, and were found today inside the castle after being tortured and executed. The reasons for the execution and the method used to torture the bodies remain unknown. Another 2 men were executed by the Islamic State in Deir ez-Zor; the first on charges of dealing with magic and the reason for the second execution remains unknown.Read More »

Syria Daily Report 25/11/2015

Yesterday’s casualties: 116 | RuAF airstrikes target trucks in A’zaz, village on border with Turkey | IS members kill one of their own | Opposition advance in south Aleppo battlefront | SAA advance in Latakia battlefront

251115 @تنسيقية مدينة سلقين RuAF airstrikes against trucks on the Turkish border carrying weapons into Syria.jpg
Trucks burning after RuAF airstrikes in A’zaz. Image courtesy of @تنسيقية مدينة سلقين.

Latakia Governorate:

  1. Reports of airstrikes by RuAF against trucks in western A’zaz after passing through Bab as-Salamah Border Crossing on the Syria-Turkey border reportedly transporting weapons to JAN and Ahrar ash-Sham fighters in Syria.
  2. SAA and Hezbollah clash with opposition, JAN, and Turkestan Islamic Party forces on Jabal al-Noba, 31 km northeast of Latakia. One opposition casualty reported as SAA advance in the area.

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Syria Daily Report 24/11/2015

Yesterday’s casualties: 114 | RuAF Su-24 hit by Turkish F-16 in northern Latakia Governorate | Pentagon announced 283 crude oil trucks destroyed on Sunday | Opposition advance in south Aleppo | SAA advance in Kitf al-Ghadar

241115 @MilitaryMediaSy RuAF flight path and location of crash
RuAF Su-24 flight path (green) Turkish F-16 flight path (blue) Border (red) as seen on map published by @MilitaryMediaSy, SAA twitter account. Click to enlarge

Latakia Governorate:

A Turkish F-16 hit one of the two RuAF su-24 fighter jets conducting airstrikes against opposition forces after the fighter jets crossed a narrow 2.5 km Turkish-controlled area in northern Latakia Governorate. The fighter jet was destroyed as the pilot and navigator ejected from the plane. The pilot was killed by Turkmenistan opposition fighters in the area and the navigator parachuted to the ground safely. Russian officials state that the su-24s were flying close to the border yet did not cross it. Turkish officials released a map showing where the jets flew over the Turkish area, stating that the jets were warned 10 times over 5 minutes. The missile that was fired on the Su-24 hit the aircraft over Syrian airspace. A Russian rescue team arrived in the area of Kafaria with mi-24s to extract the navigator and as they landed one of the helicopters was hit directly by an Turkmenistan opposition TOW, killing one of the Russian soldiers. After 12 hours, Syrian forces managed to rescue the pilot and take him to Russian held territory in Bassel al-Assad International Airport.

241115 @الفرقة الاولى الساحلية first coastal division RuAF mi-24 shot down by opposition TOW.png
Opposition firing a TOW on an RuAF mi-24 conducting a rescue mission in the area. Image courtesy of the First Coastal Division youtube channel (الفرقة الاولى الساحلية)

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Syria Daily Report 23/11/2015

Yesterday’s casualties: 122 | 1000 trucks of crude oil in 5 days destroyed by RuAF airstrikes | SAA recapture Mheen and Hawwarin from IS | SAA advance in Latakia battlefront: capture Kitf al-Ghanameh | Unconfirmed: Russian T-90a on Syrian ground

Deir ez-Zor Governorate:

RuAF airstrikes continue to hit oil fields in Deir ez-Zor Governorate in an attempt to cripple the IS oil infrastructure. Russian ministry of defense reports over 1000 trucks transporting crude oil in these areas destroyed in the last 5 days.

RuAF airstrikes on oil fields including geo-located Thayyem Oil Field. Video courtesy of @mod_russia.

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Syria Daily Report 22/11/2015

Yesterday’s casualties: 164 | 7 killed in SAA Duma shelling | IS motorcycle IED causes 3 casualties in Tell Abyad | SAA execute ambush on opposition forces in Jubb al-Ahmar | JAN VBIED targets Yarmouk Martyrs Brigade in southwestern Daraa Governorate

221115 @DoumaRevolution Aftermath of SAA shelling and surface-to-surface rockets in Duma.jpg
Aftermath of SAA shelling on Duma. Image courtesy of @DumaRevolution.

Damascus Governorate:

  1. SAA shelling and surface-to-surface rockets hit Duma causing the death of 7 including 3 children and 3 local council members. The number of casualties is expected to rise due to the severity of the injuries inflicted.
  2. Clashes break out between SAA and opposition forces in al-Moadamyeh, southwest Damascus.

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Syria Daily Report 21/11/2015

Yesterday’s casualties: 192 | RuAF and SyAF airstrikes on Deir ez-Zor cause 36 casualties | Heavy bombardment of IS in southeast Homs | 8 casualties by SyAF airstrikes on Tareeq al-Sedd, Daraa | 7 killed by RuAF airstrikes on bakery in Idlib yesterday

Deir ez-Zor Governorate:

Yesterday’s unprecedented heavy bombardment of areas in Deir ez-Zor Governorate by RuAF and SyAF have caused the death of 36 including 16 women and 4 children. The number of airstrikes conducted by both air forces has reached over 70 as areas inside Deir ez-Zor, villages in the countryside, and oil fields (Tanak, Omar, Thayyem, and al-Kharrata) were targeted.

211115 @RuDM airstrike hitting Thayyam Oil Field on the 201115.jpg
RuAF airstrike that hit Thayyem Oil Field on 20/11/2015. Image courtesy of Russian Defense Ministry youtube channel.

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Syria Daily Report 20/11/2015

Yesterday’s casualties: 153 | Unprecedented airstrikes on Deir ez-Zor Governorate | SAA shelling on Ein Tarma causes 6 casualties | Russian ballistic missiles fired from the Caspian Sea hit opposition controlled areas | 3 civilians killed by opposition shelling of SAA-controlled neighborhoods in Aleppo

201115 @Телеканал ЗВЕЗДА RuAF Tu-22M3 bomber dropping bombs.jpg
RuAF TU-22M3 bomber dropping bombs on IS locations. Image courtesy of Телеканал ЗВЕЗДА youtube channel.

Deir ez-Zor Governorate:

  1. An unprecedented 50+ airstrikes were carried out by the SyAF and RuAF on several locations under IS control in Deir ez-Zor Governorate including al-Bukamal, al-Mayadin, al-Kharrata Oil Field, Tanak Oil Field, Omar Oil Field, and many other locations. Airstrikes carried out near al-Kasrah manage to destroy tens of IS fuel trucks. Airstrikes on the city of Mayadin caused major damage to 13 buildings. 4 female and 3 young children casualties reported during these airstrikes alongside another casualty.
  2. Fighting renewed between SAA and IS forces in Deir ez-Zor Military Airport. IS launch an attack on the north and northeast fronts of the airbase. 22 IS and 8 SAA casualties during the fighting and airstrikes.
201115 @Телеканал ЗВЕЗДА RuAF Tu-22M3 bomber launching a missile.jpg
RuAF TU-22M3 bomber launching a missile. Image courtesy of Телеканал ЗВЕЗДА youtube channel.

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