Syria Daily Report 28/01/2016

Yesterday’s casualties: 148 | 20 SAA and 14 IS casualties in eastern Aleppo IS counterattack | 15 killed by RuAF airstrikes on al-Bab and Tadif | RuAF airstrikes kill 11 in al-Ghantu | Heavy clashes continue between IS and opposition in northern Aleppo Governorate

Aleppo Governorate:

  1. 15 casualties caused by RuAF airstrikes on al-Bab and Tadif, two IS-controlled areas in northeastern Aleppo countryside.
  2. Clashes break out between SAA and IS forces in the vicinity of the Infantry Military College, just north of Aleppo.
  3. Kurdish forces clash once more with JAN and islamist opposition fighters in Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood, northern Aleppo.

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Syria Daily Report 27/01/2016

Yesterday’s casualties: 136 | Airstrikes on Deir ez-Zor countryside kill 13 | Citizens flee from Darayya and al-Moadamyeh after SAA advances | Protests in Homs | 200-strong JAN vehicle column in Aleppo

Deir ez-Zor Governorate:

  1. Airstrikes carried out against the IS-controlled village of Mhaymidah, northwest of Deir ez-Zor, caused the death of 9 individuals. These airstrikes were carried out by either the RuAF or the SyAF.
  2. Another airstrike, executed by the RuAF, on al-Hussainiyah caused the death of 4.

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Syria Daily Report 26/01/2016

Yesterday’s casualties: 162 | 2 explosions were heard in al-Zahra neighborhood, Homs, 29 casualties reported | 29 killed in Arihah, Idlib Governorate, by RuAF airstrikes | Prisoner exchange deal put on hold between al-Fu’ah Kafarya and opposition | 4 killed by SAA surface-to-surface rockets on Duma

Homs Governorate:

  1. Two explosions were heard today in al-Zahra neighborhood, central Homs. The first explosion was carried out by a man wearing a military uniform inside a vehicle. The man cursed the governor of Homs and screamed thus attracting a crowd of soldiers and onlookers then he detonated the bomb inside his vehicle, an explosion which in turn attracted many citizens to the area. The second explosion, a suicide bomber with an explosive vest, carried out his attack amidst the crowd. 29 casualties reported including 15 SAA soldiers, one of them a police colonel.

    Aftermath of the two suicide bomb attacks in al-Zahra, Homs. Video Courtesy of @Hamosh84.

  2. A mother and two of her children were killed by SAA shelling on al-Ghantu, a village 10 km north of Homs.
  3. Clashes break out between SAA and IS forces in Sadad, southern Homs Governorate. Reports of casualties on both sides.

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Syria Daily Report 25/01/2016

Yesterday’s casualties: 115 | SAA take control of al-Sheikh Maskin | 23 killed in fuel-truck explosion in Sukkari, Aleppo | 16 killed by airstrikes on Salqin and 12 killed in Termanin | 196 killed in Latakia fighting during the past 2 weeks

250116 @راديو الكل aftermath of explosions in Sukkari neighborhood, Aleppo
Aftermath of explosion in Sukkari neighborhood, Aleppo. Image courtesy of راديو الكل.

Aleppo Governorate:

A massive explosion was heard today in an Ahrar ash-Sham held location inside Sukkari neighborhood, southwestern Aleppo. The explosion was caused by a suicide fuel truck bomb. 3 building were destroyed by this explosion and 23 were killed including 19 Ahrar ash-Sham fighters, 4 of which were commanders in the islamist opposition faction. The number of casualties is expected to rise.Read More »

Syria Daily Report 24/01/2016

Yesterday’s casualties: 230 | SAA advance, take Rabia in Latakia battlefront | Infighting between opposition factions in southern Syria | 3 killed by motorcycle VBIED in Qamishli | 14 opposition casualties in past 24 hours

Daraa Governorate:

After accusations of betrayal between two opposition factions, Jaysh al-Yarmouk and al-Muthna al-Islamia movement, clashes broke out between the two sides in Nassib, a village just 11 km southeast of Daraa. 3 Jaysh al-Yarmouk casualties reported in addition to more casualties on both sides. Jordanian artillery fire hit al-Muthna positions, no casualties reported.

240116 @EshuAssyrian3 Aftermath of Qamishli bombing
Aftermath of VBIED explosion in Qamishli. Image courtesy of @EshuAssyrian3.

Hasakah Governorate:

A motorcycle VBIED was detonated today in the center of Qamishli. 3 casualties reported and another 8 wounded.Read More »

Syria Daily Report 23/01/2016

Yesterday’s casualties: 220 | Heavy RuAF / SyAF airstrikes on Deir ez-Zor countryside cause the death of 33 | SAA launch new offensive in al-Sheikh Maskin and advance | 28 casualties in yesterday’s airstrikes on Bab al-Hawa – Sarmada | SAA advance further in Latakia battlefront

Deir ez-Zor Governorate:

  1. 33 killed by airstrikes of unknown origin (SAA/RuAF) on Khsham, a village 13 km southeast of Deir ez-Zor. A higher level of intensity can be witnessed in the airstrikes that have been targeting areas under IS control ever since the attack on Deir ez-Zor.
  2. IS shelling of SAA-controlled al-Jorah neighborhood, northern Deir ez-Zor, caused the death of 3 individuals.

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Syria Daily Report 22/01/2016

Yesterday’s casualties: 217 | Heavy RuAF and SyAF airstrikes in Deir ez-Zor – Raqqah Governorate kill 93 total | Russia continues search for new airbase | SAA advances in Latakia battlefront | Suleiman al-Assad sentenced to 20 years imprisonment

Deir ez-Zor Governorate:

  1. 44 killed by SyAF and RuAF airstrikes on al-Boleel and al-Tabiyyah Jazeerah, two villages in southeastern Deir ez-Zor countryside.
  2. SyAF airstrikes conducted during the night caused the death of 5 in al-Khuraytah, north of Deir ez-Zor.

Raqqah Governorate:

  1. Airstrikes conducted by fighter jets of yet unknown origin on several locations inside the city of Raqqah, the IS-stronghold in Syria, caused the death of 32 individuals. The number of casualties is expected to rise due to the severity of the injuries caused.
  2. 12 killed by airstrikes on Madan, an IS stronghold in eastern Raqqah Governorate. These airstrikes were apparently conducted by SyAF or RuAF fighter jets.

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Syria Daily Report 21/01/2016

Yesterday’s casualties: 134 | RuAF airstrikes kill 5 in al-Bab, SyAF kill 5 north near Ihris | 310 fighters killed in Deir ez-Zor fighting since the 16th | 5 killed in southern Aleppo clashes | IS attempt to recruit local Deir ez-Zor tribes to “fight infidels”

Aleppo Governorate:

  1. RuAF airstrikes killed 5 individuals in IS-controlled city of al-Bab.
  2. 2 children, 2 women, and one man were killed by SyAF airstrikes on an area between Aleppo and Ihris.
  3. Clashes renewed between SAA and opposition forces in Bashkuy, northern Aleppo.

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Syria Daily Report 20/01/2016

Yesterday’s casualties: 109 | 4000 return to their homes in southern Damascus as 3600 IS leave | IS to release 270 prisoners taken during Deir ez-Zor offensive | 2 opposition commanders and 2 fighters assassinated in Idlib Gov. | 5 SAA taken prisoner by opposition in al-Sheikh Maskin

Damascus Governorate:

Approximately 4000 citizens returned today to al-Kadam neighborhood, southern Damascus, as part of a ceasefire agreement signed in August 2014 between SAA and FSA officials. In addition, today a large number of IS members and their families are expected to be transported from areas in southern Damascus to Raqqah and other locations under IS control. Reportedly, 3620 IS members and their families are part of this deal.Read More »

Syria Daily Report 19/01/2016

Total Deir ez-Zor casualties: 275 | 12 killed in revenge airstrikes on al-Boleel | Rmelan Airbase to be US foothold in northeastern Syria | IS budget cuts halve member’s salaries | IS regain control of two northern-Aleppo Governorate villages

190116 @IS media IS fighter firing on SAA locations in al-Baghiliyah, Deir ez-Zor
IS fighter firing on SAA locations in al-Baghiliyah battlefield. Image courtesy of IS media.

Deir ez-Zor Governorate:

  1. The numbers of casualties caused by the large-scale offensive of the IS fighters on Deir ez-Zor has reached 120 SAA and NDF fighters, 70 IS fighters – 28 of which carried out suicide attacks with either a VBIED or a suicide belt, and 85 government-loyal citizens from al-Baghiliyah. Clashes continue in the area in a less intense manner.
  2. 4 NDF fighters that were killed in the Deir ez-Zor fighting were hanged on walls in the village of al-Boleel, 26 km southeast of Deir ez-Zor. Apparently in response, heavy SyAF airstrikes hit the village and cause the death of 12 individuals.

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