Syria Daily Report 28/02/2016

Yesterday’s casualties: 183 | 16 IS casualties in eastern Hama battlefront | IS shelling in Deir ez-Zor kills 4 | Pregnant woman killed by RuAF airstrike on Jisr ash-Shugur

Deir ez-Zor Governorate:

IS shelling yesterday of al-Jorah neighborhood, northern Deir ez-Zor, caused the death of 4 individuals.

280216 @sayed_ridha RuAF airstrikes on Jisr ash-Shugur
RuAF airstrikes on Jisr ash-Shugur. Image courtesy of @sayed_ridha.

Idlib Governorate:

RuAF airstrikes on Jisr ash-Shugur caused the death of a pregnant woman and wounded 12 others.Read More »

Syria Daily Report 27/02/2016

Yesterday’s casualties: 196 | Massive IS offensive in northern Raqqah Governorate | First-of-a-kind ceasefire in Syria started today | Heavy clashes in Latakia continue, 70 casualties in past 2 days | 15 casualties in eastern Hama IS-SAA battlefield

Raqqah Governorate:

IS launched a new offensive effort against Kurdish forces in Tell Abyad, a town on the border with Turkey. A VBIED was detonated and IS forces managed to push into the town. Clashing continues into the day. In addition to Tell Abyad, IS launched other attacks against the SDF in Suluk and Ain Issa and other locations in northern Raqqah Governorate. IS managed to advance significantly into Suluk and take total control over Hammam Turkman, in addition to more advances by IS in other villages and towns in the area, but are pushed back by the SDF in Tell Abyad. 20 SDF and Asayish casualties reported in addition to 70 IS casualties. During their attack on Tell Abyad, IS captured a prominent opposition member and after decapitating him, they published a photo of his severed head as his Facebook profile picture.Read More »

Syria Daily Report 26/02/2016

Yesterday’s casualties: 147 | Khanaser casualties reached 152 in 4 days | 14 killed by RuAF airstrikes on western Aleppo countryside | 8 killed in Duma by RuAF | SAA advance further into Darayya

Aleppo Governorate:

  1. RuAF airstrikes and SAA artillery shelling of Qabtan al-Jabal, a village 18 km west of Aleppo, during the night caused the death of 8 members of the same family. Further SAA and RuAF attacks on Dar Taizzah, 8 km further west, killed 3. Later in the day, 5 RuAF airstrikes on Ma’arat al-Artik, 8 km northwest of Aleppo, caused the death of 3.
  2. Opposition forces renew their offensive against the SDF in Ayn Daqnah, northern Aleppo countryside, in an attempt to regain control over the village.
  3. SAA and opposition forces clash in al-Mallah Fields, north of Aleppo. Reports of casualties on both sides.

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Syria Daily Report 25/02/2016

Yesterday’s casualties: 155 | SAA regain control over Khanaser | SAA and allies advance and take Ayn al-Bayda | 12 IS fighters taken prisoner by opposition forces in Kfaer Azzeat | 4 oil refinery workers killed in al-Bukamal

Deir ez-Zor Governorate:

Airstrikes on an oil refinery in the outskirts of al-Bukamal, apparently conducted by the RuAF, caused the death of 4 workers in the refinery.

Daraa Governorate:

RuAF airstrikes on Saida, a village 11 km east of Daraa, caused the death of 3, two of which were opposition fighters.Read More »

Syria Daily Report 24/02/2016

Yesterday’s casualties: 164 | 20 IS killed in Khanaser due to RuAF airstrikes | 8 killed by opposition shelling in central Aleppo | RuAF airstrikes kill 8 in Arihah, south of Idlib | JAN execute 2 in Idlib for smuggling food to besieged al-Fu’ah – Kafarya

Aleppo Governorate:

  1. Opposition shelling of SAA-controlled al-Jamelaiah neighborhood, central Aleppo, caused the death of 8 individuals.
  2. 5 killed by RuAF airstrikes on al-Atarib, a town 29 km west of Aleppo.
  3. Opposition forces close off the road between A’zaz and Afrin, northern Aleppo Governorate, in response to Kurdish advances in northern Aleppo.

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Syria Daily Report 23/02/2016

Yesterday’s casualties: 137 | IS take control over Khanaser, 51 casualties reported | 5 killed by opposition rockets on al-Zaharaa neighborhood, western Aleppo | Heavy fighting between SDF and opposition continues in northern Aleppo, 6 casualties reported | SAA continue advances in Latakia battlefront

Aleppo Governorate:

  1. Opposition rockets that hit SAA-held civilian locations in al-Zaharaa neighborhood, western Aleppo, caused the death of 5.
  2. SDF clash with IS forces in the vicinity of Tishrin Dam once more. Reports of 3 SDF casualties in addition to more casualties reported on both sides.
  3. Clashes break out between SAA and opposition forces in Sayf al-Dawla neighborhood, southwestern Aleppo.

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Syria Daily Report 22/02/2016

Yesterday’s casualties: 385 | IS launch attack on Khanaser – Aleppo supply road | Opposition destroy 5 SAA vehicles in Latakia | 2 assassinated in Inkhil, Daraa Governorate | IS release 42 Assyrian prisoners

Aleppo Governorate:

220216 #N.F.A.C SAA reinforcements before regaining lost ground near Khanaser
SAA reinforcements in Khanaser battelfield. Image courtesy of N.F.A.C.
  1. IS reinforced by some opposition factions including Turkestan Islamic Party forces launched an attack against SAA and al-Quds Brigades on the road between Aleppo and Khanaser. The attack managed to cut off the SAA supply line for most of the day. Other clashes broke out between SAA and IS forces on the road between Khanaser and Ithriyah. Some SAA casualties reported. Later during the day and with heavy RuAF air support, SAA managed to retake all lost ground in the area.
  2. Fighting breaks out between IS and SDF fighters in the vicinity of Sarrin, 111 km east of Aleppo. Some IS casualties reported.

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Syria Daily Report 21/02/2016

Yesterday’s casualties: 127 | 4 IS suicide attacks on Sayda Zaynab kill 62 | Twin IS suicide attacks kill 59 in al-Zahra neighborhood, Homs | 50 IS casualties in past two days of eastern Aleppo fighting | Opposition shelling of northern Aleppo kills 11

Damascus Governorate:

4 consecutive IS suicide bombings were carried out in Sayda Zaynab, southern Damascus, causing the death of 62 individuals and injuring an additional 180 men and women. The first suicide attack was a VBIED and the other three were carried out by IS members with suicide vests. A similar attack was carried out by IS on this neighborhood less than a month ago (31/01/2016).Read More »

Syria Daily Report 20/02/2016

Yesterday’s casualties: 171 | 5 US-backed fighters killed by other US-backed faction in Ayn Daqnah | 4 IS members killed by airstrike on western Deir ez-Zor | 11 SAA killed in Latakia yesterday

Aleppo Governorate:

5 members of Jaysh al-Thuwar, a prominent faction in the US-backed SDF alliance, were killed by a TOW missile attack carried out by another US-backed opposition faction, the 13th Division. The attack was carried out in Ayn Daqnah, 35 km north of Aleppo and 7 km south of A’zaz, a location recently taken by SDF fighters from the opposition.Read More »

Syria Daily Report 19/02/2016

Yesterday’s casualties: 125 | Opposition shelling of western Aleppo caused the death of 10 | SDF advance and take ash-Shaddadi from IS | 20 casualties in Tishrin Dam fighting | SAA advance towards Kabanah, Latakia battlefront

Aleppo Governorate:

190216 @MilitaryMediaSy SAA firing on opposition forces during clashes in western Aleppo
SAA soldier firing a cannon on opposition locations in western Aleppo. Image courtesy of @MilitaryMediaSy.
  1. Opposition shelling of western SAA-controlled neighborhoods in Aleppo caused the death of 10 individuals.
  2. 4 killed by RuAF airstrikes on areas in northern Aleppo countryside.
  3. Turkish artillery strikes on SDF locations in northern Aleppo Governorate continue as more than 7 hours of continuous shelling was carried out by Turkish artillery on A’zaz, al-Malikia, and other SDF locations in northern Aleppo.
  4. SAA, NDF, and al-Quds Brigades vs opposition forces in the vicinity of Family House Amusement Park, western Aleppo. Reports of casualties on both sides.

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