Syria Daily Report 12/03/2016

Yesterday’s casualties: 97 | SyAF Mig-21 downed by Ahrar ash-Sham in northern Hama countryside | Infighting between JAN and FSA in Ma’arat al-Nu’man | 11 casualties during SDF-opposition fighting in Ayn Daqnah

Hama Governorate:

An SyAF Mig-21 was reportedly shot down by two Ahrar ash-Sham thermal rockets in the vicinity of Kafarnabodah today. The aircraft was seen plunging with a smoke trail as the fighter pilot ejected. The pilot later died of his wounds. Ahrar ash-Sham released footage of the parachuting pilot.

120316 @AhrarashSham youtube SAA fighter pilot parachuting from struck fighter jet.png
Screen capture from Ahrar ash-Sham youtube video.

Idlib Governorate:

  1. Infighting between JAN and Division 13 as both sides claim the other instigated the hostilities. JAN surrounded the main HQ of Division 13 in Ma’arat al-Nu’man and took over it, confiscating weapons and supplies. 4 Division 13 casualties reported. These attacks may have been due to increasing tensions between JAN and FSA factions as was reported yesterday.
  2. Government loyal forces inside al-Fu’ah and Kafarya clash with the islamist opposition forces currently besieging them. Islamist opposition shelling of the villages caused the death of one individual and injured some more.

Deir ez-Zor Governorate:

An IS fighter and his sister were killed by a landmine in al-Jnenah laid there previously by IS. The two were on their way to visit family in the village.

Hasakah Governorate:

An IED detonated near a Kurdish forces’ vehicle south of al-Hawl, eastern Hasakah countryside. One Kurdish fighter was killed and another injured.

Daraa Governorate:

A JAN fighter was assassinated today by unknown assailants in Jasim, a town 41 km north of Daraa.

Damascus Governorate:

SAA and opposition forces clash in at-Tadamon neighborhood, southern Damascus.


Fighting continues in these areas:

Aleppo Governorate:

  1. Ayn Daqnah: SDF vs opposition forces. Reports of 6 opposition and 5 SDF casualties. Additional casualties reported on both sides.
  2. Sheikh MaqsoudAshrafiyye Neighborhoods: Kurdish forces vs opposition and JAN forces.
  3. Yani Yaban: IS vs opposition forces. Reports of opposition advances being made. Reports of casualties on both sides. Turkish artillery fire targeted IS positions during the fighting.
  4. Tishrin Dam: SDF vs IS. During the IS attack initiated yesterday, 5 VBIED attacks were reported alongside 12 IS and 5 SDF casualties.

KabanahJabal al-AkradJabal Turkman – Latakia Governorate: SAA and allies under Russian supervision vs the 1st and 2nd Coastal Divisions, Ahrar ash-Sham, Ansar ash-Sham, JAN, and Turkestan Islamic Party forces. Reports of casualties on both sides including an islamist opposition commander as the SAA and allies manage to advance near Kabanah.

120316 @Ahrar_lens Ahrar ash-Sham fighters preparing their attack near Kafarnabodah
Ahrar ash-Sham preparing for the attack in Kafarnabodah. Image courtesy of @Ahrar_lens.

Kafarnabodah – Hama Governorate: SAA vs opposition forces. Reports of opposition advances being made as they take control over the vicinity of the grain silos southeast of the village. An opposition guided rocket hit an SAA vehicle near al-Mughayr and a TOW hit an SAA tank in al-Hamameyat.

Palmyra – Homs Governorate: SAA vs IS.

Damascus Governorate:

  1. Harasta Qantara – BalaMarj as-Sultan Vicinity: SAA vs opposition and JAN forces.
  2. Mneen: SAA vs opposition forces.

Lajat – Daraa Governorate: IS vs opposition forces.


Yesterday’s casualties according to

97 casualties.

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