Syria Daily Report 16/03/2016

Yesterday’s casualtes: 61 | Ammunition storage warehouse exploded in Hayt, Yarmouk Martyrs Brigade reported as responsible | Kurdish federal region to be announced tomorrow | 60 NDF taken into custody by Asayish in Qamishli | Hostilities between JAN and Division 13 continue

Daraa Governorate:

  1. An islamist opposition ammunition storage facility exploded in Hayt, 22 km northwest of Daraa, causing the death of 2 islamist opposition fighters, one of which was a commander. Some reports mention that Yarmouk Martyrs Brigade are responsible for this explosion.
  2. SAA target an opposition vehicle in Kafr Nasej, northern Daraa Governorate, causing the death of 2 and injuring 3 of the opposition fighters in the vehicle.

Raqqah Governorate:

A vehicle belonging to the Kurdish forces was targeted by an IS IED in the vicinity of Suluk. Some Kurdish casualties reported.

Hasakah Governorate:

  1. 200 officials and dignitaries in Rmelan, northeastern Syria, are preparing to announce a Kurdish federal region in northern Syria. The announcement is expected to be made tomorrow as sides are smoothing out the final details.
  2. Tensions rise between local government-loyal NDF fighters and Asayish (Kurdish homeland security) forces in Qamishli. This morning 2 explosions were heard in an NDF-held square in the city. 60 NDF fighters were taken prisoner by the Asayish.

Idlib Governorate:

JAN continue their hostilities against Division 13 forces as they arrest members of the faction and confiscate their weapons. Protesters in Ma’arat al-Nu’man continue protesting in the city against JAN and the Syrian government. Division 13 released a statement with the names of 18 Division 13 fighters including one commander which are still under JAN custody.


Fighting continues in these areas:

Aleppo Governorate:

  1. Tishrin Dam: SDF vs IS. Reports of 3 SDF casualties in the past few days of fighting.
  2. Sheikh MaqsoudAshrafiyye Neighborhoods: Kurdish forces vs opposition and JAN forces. Reports of one Kurdish casualty and additional casualties on both sides.
  3. Northern Aleppo GovernorateDoudyan: IS vs opposition forces. Unconfirmed reports of IS retaking control over Doudyan.

Markadah – Hasakah Governorate: SDF vs IS. Reports of casualties on both sides.

Jabal al-AkradJabal Turkman – Latakia Governorate: SAA and allies vs opposition, JAN, and Turkestan Islamic Party forces. Reports of one islamist opposition casualty.

160316 @sayed_ridha SAA in Deir ez-Zor outskirts.jpg
SAA soldiers in Deir ez-Zor outskirts. Image courtesy of @sayed_ridha.

Palmyra – Homs Governorate: SAA vs IS. Reports of casualties on both sides. IS launch a counterattack against the SAA advances in the areas southwest of Palmyra.

al-Hawiqah Neighborhood – Deir ez-Zor Governorate: SAA vs IS. Reports of one SAA casualty yesterday.

Marj as-Sultan Vicinity – Damascus Governorate: SAA vs islamist opposition and JAN forces. Reports of one SAA casualty.


Yesterday’s casualties according to

61 casualties.

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