Syria Daily Report 20/03/2016

Yesterday’s casualties: 110 | 16 casualties in Tafas fighting between opposition and IS-affiliated fighters | IS launch offensive effort against SAA to reach Aleppo | Intense clashes in Deir ez-Zor between SAA and IS

Daraa Governorate:

  1. Opposition forces clash with armed men apparently affiliated with IS in Tafas, 12 km northwest of Daraa. 3 of the IS-affiliated fighters were killed in addition to 12 opposition casualties, 7 of which were executed by the IS-affiliated fighters in the city. A civilian was also killed during the fighting raising the total number of casualties to 16.
  2. 2 civilians were killed by a landmine explosion in Garfah, southeast of al-Sheikh Maskin.

Deir ez-Zor Governorate:

SAA soldiers paraded two IS fighter’s bodies through the streets of SAA-held locations in Deir ez-Zor on the trunk of a pickup truck after the two were killed during the IS attacks on SAA in al-Baghiliyah, north of Deir ez-Zor.

200316 @MilitaryMediaSy SAA tank firing on IS forces during Kafar Sakeer battles
SAA tank firing on IS positions in Kafar Sakeer. Image courtesy of @MilitaryMediaSy.

Aleppo Governorate:

  1. IS launch an attack against SAA forces in Kafar Sakeer, just north of al-Sheikh Najjar Industrial City, in an attempt to advance and reach Aleppo. IS forces manage to advance and briefly take control over the village. Reports of casualties on both sides as control over the village remains contested.
  2. Clashes renewed between SAA and opposition forces in the vicinity of Khan Tuman, southwest of Aleppo.
  3. Another casualty in Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood due to opposition shelling of the Kurdish-held area. An additional 3 were wounded

Idlib Governorate:

2 individuals were killed by opposition sniper fire in al-Fu’ah. 3 more were injured.

Damascus Governorate:

Opposition forces clash with IS-affiliated factions in ad-Dumayr. Casualties reported on both sides.

as-Suwayda Governorate:

SAA targeted IS vehicles in the vicinity of al-Qasr, 35 km north of as-Suwayda, causing some IS casualties.

Homs Governorate:

  1. SAA and IS forces clash in the vicinity of Shaer Gas Fields, northwest of Palmyra. Reports of IS advances in the area.
  2. Clashes break out between SAA and opposition forces in Talbisah, northern Homs countryside.

Hasakah Governorate:

IS detonate a VBIED on SDF fighters in the southern vicinity of Jabal Abd al-Aziz. Reports of some SDF casualties.


Fighting continues in these areas:

Aleppo Governorate:

  1. Northern Aleppo Governorate: IS vs opposition forces. Reports of IS advances in the area.
  2. Nublal-Zahraaal-Tamurah: SAA vs opposition forces.

South of ash-Shaddadi Hasakah Governorate: SDF vs IS. Reports of 4 SDF casualties in the past few days of fighting.

200316 @2Rook14 4 opposition prisoners and a TOW launcher taken by SAA in northern Latakia battlefront
The 4 prisoners and a TOW launcher taken by SAA in Lataia battlefront. Image courtesy of @2Rook14.

KinsabbaJabal al-AkradJabal Turkman – Latakia Governorate: SAA and allies under Russian supervision vs the 1st and 2nd Coastal Divisions, Ahrar ash-Sham, Ansar ash-Sham, JAN, and Turkestan Islamic Party forces. 4 opposition fighters were taken into SAA custody.

Homs Governorate:

  1. Palmyra: SAA vs IS. Reports of one SAA casualty. SAA advances reported.
  2. al-Quaryatayn: SAA vs IS. SAA advance in the area.

Deir ez-Zor Governorate:

  1. al-Baghiliyah: SAA vs IS. 2 IS casualties reported.
  2. Deir ez-Zor Military Airport: SAA vs IS. Reports of one SAA casualty.
  3. al-Hawiqah Neighborhood: SAA vs IS.


Yesterday’s casualties according to

110 casualties.

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