Since the beginning of the Syrian civil war in march 2011 and up until now (August 2015), more than 250,000 casualties, two million injured, and ten million refugees were recorded. Approximately half of the Syrian population have left their homes.

At least 3 million refugees are currently residing outside of Syria significantly affecting the hosting countries, mainly Jordan and Turkey, but even Europe is witnessing wave upon wave of Syrian refugees fleeing their country and arriving at Europe on ships from Turkey or Libya.

The war in Syria is one of a kind due to the nature of the conflicts between the numerous groups, forging alliances and disbanding them in a blink of an eye. This war is brutal and relentless with each participating element thinking that if it loses it will be utterly eradicated along with all of their families and friends. That is why everyone involved fights as if they have nothing to lose.

Albeit the momentous importance of the war in Syria and its consequences, the media coverage is minimal bordering on utter disregard. This situation might be explained by the fact that 70 foreign reporters were murdered during the war in Syria, making it difficult for major news outlets to cover the events in the country.

The absence of official media coverage has made way for other independent sources to report on events in Syria. The people of Syria use the internet to upload stories, pictures, and videos of the conflicts in the country using Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and other various methods. Youtube now hosts more than two million video clips portraying scenes of battles being carried out all over Syria. A big portion of these reports are used to serve the purposes of a single group and more than once the reports are revealed to be lies or misinformation.

Most of the material being published on the web is in Arabic and thus it is inaccessible to international media outlets.

Waha Report covers hundreds of initial sources dealing with the war in Syria being published online in Arabic, handpicking the main events and publishing them on a daily basis in the English language.