Syria Daily Report 10/03/2016

Yesterday’s casualties: 59 | Islamist opposition launch attack on SAA in Maan, northern Hama Governorate | 20 IS killed, 50 wounded, during airstrikes on Palmyra | JAN evacuate locations in Abu a-Dohor due to protests by locals | Abu Omar al-Shishani, high ranking IS commander, reportedly severely injured

Hama Governorate:

Turkestan Islamic Party and Islamist opposition forces launched an attack against SAA locations in the vicinity of Maan. The attack managed to break through 3 separate SAA blockades causing some SAA casualties as 20 islamist opposition and Turkestan Islamic Party fighters were killed.Read More »

Syria Daily Report 09/03/2016

Yesterday’s casualties: 68 | 5 killed by IS shelling of SAA-held neighborhoods in Deir ez-Zor | SAA advance near Marj as-Sultan | 40 airstrikes hit Palmyra

Deir ez-Zor Governorate:

  1. IS shelling of SAA-held neighborhood in Deir ez-Zor including al-Jorah neighborhood caused the death of 5 and injured more than 14 others. The number of casualties is expected to rise due to the severity of the injuries caused in addition to 3 more unconfirmed casualties.
  2. SAA carry out raids in neighborhoods under their control to enlist any men between the ages of 18 and 45 in order to strengthen their numbers in the area.

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Syria Daily Report 08/03/2016

19 killed by airstrikes on Abu a-Dohor yesterday | 8 killed by IS shelling in Deir ez-Zor | SAA regain lost ground in al-Eis | SDF advance in southern Hasakah Governorate

080316 @DorarTV Aftermath of airstrikes in Abu a-Dohor
Aftermath of airstrikes on Abu a-Dohor. Image courtesy of @DorarTV.

Idlib Governorate:

Airstrikes, unknown whether carried out by the RuAF or the SyAF, yesterday caused the death of 19 in Abu a-Dohor, 42 km southeast of Idlib.

Deir ez-Zor Governorate:

IS shelling of SAA-controlled al-Jorah neighborhood, northwestern Deir ez-Zor, caused the death of 8.Read More »

Syria Daily Report 07/03/2016

Four family members killed, one wounded as IS IED explodes | Opposition forces take al-Eis, SAA regain control later during the day | 23 humanitarian aid and supply trucks arrive in eastern Damascus towns

Aleppo Governorate:

  1. An IS IED that detonated on the road between Khanaser and Aleppo caused the death of 4 members of the same family while injuring a fifth.
  2. Opposition forces including Faylaq al-Sham clash with IS in northern Aleppo Governorate. Doudyan is taken over by the opposition forces.

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Syria Daily Report 06/03/2016

Yesterday’s casualties: 42 | Opposition shelling of Kurdish Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood, northern Aleppo, kills 9 | 3 IS suicide VBIED attacks in southern Hasakah battlefront against SDF | Colonel Suheil al-Hassan, responsible for SAA Kuweyres victories, to lead Palmyra offensive

060316 @arabthomness Rescue operations in Sheikh Maqsoud
Rescue operations in Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood. Image courtesy of @arabthomness.

Aleppo Governorate:

JAN, Caucasian islamist forces, and the 16th Division launched approximately 100 rockets and artillery shells on Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood, a predominantly Kurdish neighborhood in northern Aleppo, causing the death of 9 and wounding 26 others while additional individuals remain under the rubble, yet to be rescued.Read More »

Syria Daily Report 05/03/2016

Yesterday’s casualties: 45 | IS renew attacks on Ithriyah – Aleppo supply road | 7 killed by RuAF airstrikes on eastern Homs countryside | Electricity returns to Aleppo | IS regain control over al-Tanef Border Crossing

Aleppo Governorate:

  1. IS launched a renewed offensive effort against SAA forces on the supply road between Ithriyah and Khanaser. The IS fighters attacked the supply road and route 42 from three different directions and caused the death of 15 SAA soldiers as they advanced in the vicinity of Sheikh Hallal, west of Ithriyah. SAA regained control over the area later in the day and traffic on the road resumed in a regular fashion.
  2. Electricity returns to the majority of Aleppo neighborhoods as power plants in the vicinity are reactivated. Water supply to the city is expected to arrive tomorrow.

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Syria Daily Report 03/03/2016

Yesterday’s casualties: 147 | Three children killed by unexploded ordnance in Fadghami | 4 islamist opposition casualties in Latakia battlefront

Hasakah Governorate:

3 young boys were killed in Fadghami, southeast of ash-Shaddadi, after an unexploded artillery shell exploded.

Aleppo Governorate:

  1. JAN and islamist opposition forces launched an attack against Kurdish forces in Bachmra, a village just southwest of Nubl and al-Zaharaa. Reports of casualties on both sides.
  2. IS and opposition forces clash in Baraghedeh, northern Aleppo Governorate. Reports of casualties on both sides.

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Syria Daily Report 04/03/2016

Yesterday’s casualties: 12, lowest in the past 13 months | Water supply renewed in Aleppo | 100 US-trained opposition fighters to enter northern Aleppo Governorate IS battlefields | 4 killed in Khan Shaykhun by SAA artillery | Protests in several cities and towns across Syria against the Government

Aleppo Governorate:

  1. Under Red Crescent supervision, water will be pumped to Aleppo for the first time in the past three months as the water treatment plant in Ain al-Baida will be reactivated. The water intake in al-Khafsah will be pumped to Ain al-Baida and from there through al-Bab to Suleiman al-Halabi water treatment facility inside Aleppo. This arrangement allows for both Islamic State controlled al-Bab and divided Aleppo access to fresh water.
  2. 100 opposition fighters entered Syria from Turkey after finishing the US-led training program. The fighters were equipped with weapons and vehicles provided by the United States. These fighters were reportedly headed towards IS-opposition battlefields in northern Aleppo Governorate.
  3. Airstrikes targeting IS-held locations near Manbij caused the death of 3 individuals and the death of some livestock.
  4. SDF and IS clash in the Kobani countryside, northeastern Aleppo Governorate. Reports of casualties on both sides.

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Syria Daily Report 02/03/2016

Yesterday’s casualties: 82 | 18 opposition fighters killed by VBIED in al-Ishah, Quneitra | IS executed 14 in Hammam Turkman | 8 casualties during northern Aleppo Kurdish – opposition battles | 6+ casualties in Kabanah – Jabal al-Akrad

020316 @sayed_ridha Aftermath of VBIED in al-Ishah
Aftermath of VBIED attack in al-Ishah. Image courtesy of @sayed_ridha.

Quneitra Governorate:

18 members of Jabhat Thuwar Souriya (Syria Revolutionaries Front) were killed by at least one VBIED attack on the village of al-Ishah, 17 km south of Quneitra. The number of casualties is expected to rise due to the severe injuries inflicted.

Raqqah Governorate:

Reports of 14 men and one woman executed by IS in the village of Hammam Turkman, currently back under SDF control. The 15 were executed after being charged with “not cooperating with the Islamic State” and “assisting the Kurdish forces in taking Hammam Turkman in an earlier time”.Read More »

Syria Daily Report 01/03/2016

Yesterday’s casualties: 137 | 5 killed in a landmine explosion | SAA secure Aleppo supply road | 5 killed by Russian cruise missiles on Idlib Governorate | 7 islamist opposition casualties in past 24 hours during Hirbanfsah battles

010316 @ShamFM Supplies arriving in Aleppo after Khanaser - Aleppo supply road cleared of IS
Supplies arriving in Aleppo. Image courtesy of Sham FM.

Aleppo Governorate:

  1. 5 young children were killed by an IS landmine that exploded near Qabasin, a village 44 km northeast of Aleppo.
  2. Supply trucks made their way on the IthriyahKhanaserAleppo supply road after the SAA and allies managed to regain control over and secure the area, thus bringing the IS attack initiated on the 22/02/2016 to an end.
  3. Clashes between SDF and IS forces in the countryside of Kobani, northeastern Aleppo Governorate, caused the death of 2 IS fighters in addition to reports of more casualties on both sides.
  4. Fighting in Tishrin Dam between SDF and IS forces caused the death of 3 SDF fighters.
  5. SAA and opposition forces clash in Suleiman al-Halabi neighborhood, northeastern Aleppo.

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