Syria Daily Report 20/03/2016

Yesterday’s casualties: 110 | 16 casualties in Tafas fighting between opposition and IS-affiliated fighters | IS launch offensive effort against SAA to reach Aleppo | Intense clashes in Deir ez-Zor between SAA and IS

Daraa Governorate:

  1. Opposition forces clash with armed men apparently affiliated with IS in Tafas, 12 km northwest of Daraa. 3 of the IS-affiliated fighters were killed in addition to 12 opposition casualties, 7 of which were executed by the IS-affiliated fighters in the city. A civilian was also killed during the fighting raising the total number of casualties to 16.
  2. 2 civilians were killed by a landmine explosion in Garfah, southeast of al-Sheikh Maskin.

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Syria Daily Report 19/03/2016

Yesterday’s casualties: 91 | 44 killed by RuAF airstrikes on Raqqah | 18 IS fighters killed in Palmyra battlefield | 4 killed by opposition shelling of Sheikh Maqsoud

(Header image: Syrian Republic Guard customized armored vehicles in Jobar neighborhood, Damascus. Image courtesy of @LuftwaffeAS)

Raqqah Governorate:

RuAF airstrikes on Raqqah caused the death of 44 individuals including 5 members of the IS islamic police. An additional 60 individuals were wounded. The airstrikes today followed similar attacks yesterday, now revealed as RuAF attacks.Read More »

Syria Daily Report 18/03/2016

Yesterday’s casualties: 56 | 16 killed by airstrikes on Raqqah | 12 killed in Inkhil fighting | 5 years since first casualty in Syrian civil war

Raqqah Governorate:

16 casualties including 5 women and 8 babies and young children were caused by airstrikes yet unknown whether carried out by the SyAF or International Coalition fighter jets. The number of casualties is expected to rise as more than 40 individuals were wounded or are yet to be found under the rubble.Read More »

Syria Daily Report 17/03/2016

Yesterday’s casualties: 49 | Federation of Northern Syria – Rojava officialy announced | Father and two of his children killed during opposition shelling of al-Zaharaa

Federation of Northern Syria – Rojava:

Arab and Kurdish officials announce the establishment of the Federation of Northern Syria – Rojava last night. The establishment of the new federation is being seen by many Syrians as an initial sign of the partitioning of Syria, an event they are strongly against. Kurdish citizens on the other hand see this as a new era for Kurds in Syria.Read More »

Syria Daily Report 16/03/2016

Yesterday’s casualtes: 61 | Ammunition storage warehouse exploded in Hayt, Yarmouk Martyrs Brigade reported as responsible | Kurdish federal region to be announced tomorrow | 60 NDF taken into custody by Asayish in Qamishli | Hostilities between JAN and Division 13 continue

Daraa Governorate:

  1. An islamist opposition ammunition storage facility exploded in Hayt, 22 km northwest of Daraa, causing the death of 2 islamist opposition fighters, one of which was a commander. Some reports mention that Yarmouk Martyrs Brigade are responsible for this explosion.
  2. SAA target an opposition vehicle in Kafr Nasej, northern Daraa Governorate, causing the death of 2 and injuring 3 of the opposition fighters in the vehicle.

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Syria Daily Report 15/03/2016

Yesterday’s casualties: 77 | Today marks 5 years since the beginning of the Syrian Civil War | 12 bodies dumped in IS mass grave near Mayadin | Protests in Ma’arat al-Nu’man intensify

Deir ez-Zor Governorate:

IS members were seen dumping 12 headless bodies into a mass grave near Mayadin, southern Deir ez-Zor Governorate. The bodies are presumed to be men and women executed in the IS prisons.

Daraa Governorate:

2 islamist opposition fighters were assassinated by unknown assailants in Nawa, 29 km north of Daraa.Read More »

Syria Daily Report 14/03/2016

Yesterday’s casualties: 119 | Russia announces withdrawal of forces | 5 assassinated, 4 kidnapped opposition fighters in Daraa Governorate | More than 280 strikes on Palmyra during SAA offensive | Division 13 – JAN infighting continues

Russian Intervention:

Russian president Vladimir Putin issued an order to pull out most of the Russian forces in Syria, leaving some military presence mainly in Tartus and Bassel al-Assad International Airport, south of Latakia. S-400 air-defense systems will remain in Syria.

Daraa Governorate:

3 opposition fighters were assassinated in al-Harah, a town 47 km north of Daraa. Another 2 JAN fighters were assassinated in al-Sheikh Sa’ad, 24 km north of Daraa, and 4 others were kidnapped in al-Musayfrah, 22 km east of Daraa. All of these attacks were carried out by unknown assailants.Read More »

Syria Daily Report 13/03/2016

Yesterday’s casualties: 99 | Infighting between JAN and Division 13 continues. 11 casualties reported | RuAF airstrikes on as-Sukhnah killed 7 | 18 casualties in northern Aleppo IS-opposition battles

Idlib Governorate:

The fighting between JAN reinforced by Jund al-Aqsa and Division 13 in Ma’arat al-Nu’man and other locations in Idlib Governorate during the night caused a total of 7 Division 13 and 4 JAN casualties. The number of prisoners from Division 13 that were taken prisoner by JAN has reached in excess of 40. Amongst the weapons and supplies taken by JAN were some US-supplied TOW missile launchers. Local family members of Division 13 fighters protested against JAN, demanding they leave Ma’arat al-Nu’man.Read More »

Syria Daily Report 12/03/2016

Yesterday’s casualties: 97 | SyAF Mig-21 downed by Ahrar ash-Sham in northern Hama countryside | Infighting between JAN and FSA in Ma’arat al-Nu’man | 11 casualties during SDF-opposition fighting in Ayn Daqnah

Hama Governorate:

An SyAF Mig-21 was reportedly shot down by two Ahrar ash-Sham thermal rockets in the vicinity of Kafarnabodah today. The aircraft was seen plunging with a smoke trail as the fighter pilot ejected. The pilot later died of his wounds. Ahrar ash-Sham released footage of the parachuting pilot.

120316 @AhrarashSham youtube SAA fighter pilot parachuting from struck fighter jet.png
Screen capture from Ahrar ash-Sham youtube video.

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Syria Daily Report 11/03/2016

Yesterday’s casualtes: 134 | Airstrike kills 15 on road between as-Sukhnah – Palmyra | 6 killed in Aleppo due to airstrikes | IS renew attack on Tishrin Dam, 7 IS casualties reported | Intense fighting between SAA and IS in Palmyra and al-Quaryatayn

Homs Governorate:

  1. An airstrike on the road between as-Sukhnah and Palmyra (route M20) hit a bus carrying passengers on their way from Raqqah to Damascus. 15 of the passengers aboard this bus were killed and some more were injured.
  2. IS carried out a double suicide attack in the vicinity of Hawwarin, 59 km southeast of Homs. Reports of several SAA casualties.

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